Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Christmas in March

Look at my awesome new toy! Isn't it cute? Its not one of those big monster tillers, I saw lots of those on Craigslist - really, really good, very powerful but also very heavy and hard to store. I need to be able to do the tilling myself, without assistance and the storage issue isn't one I'll admit, I had put much thought into because I don't really think about storing my imaginary yard tools.

New toy is only 17 lbs and it folds away. I can store it in my basement along with my blower and edger. It is  a smaller than I thought I would like  and I am still a little concerned that it might be smallish, more like a garden weasel than a tiller, but all the reviews I read sang its praises and they were all using the machine the same way I will and at least two of them were from people who either had a big tiller or rented big tillers and they all said New Toy was awesome and they loved it and the job it did.

 When I was imagining My Tiller, I was imagining a much larger machine, I kind of like the big vroom you get from the larger machines but  with my little garden, even after being expanded is still a very small garden and to be honest with myself, I don't need the vroom, as satisfying as that might be.

The big vroom also comes with a big weight, close to houndred pounds on the low end. I'm not sure I could or would even want to deal with that over and over. Also, my new toy is coming in the mail, the Craigslist choices I found in the same price range were older models that "still runs/needs a little work" and they were all from distances that with gas the way it is, I might not  be over joyed about and then how would have gotten a behemoth out of my car when I got home? tell it to hop out?

Its going to take longer to do the same task, okay, but where am I going? I needed the power of the big machine because the ground  back in the day was hard and the unit was a rental, the faster the job got done the faster I could get the unit back. I own this one, I can take as long as I want and the ground is soft now, years of cultivation will do that. The addition is all ready soft and I just tilled it by hand so New Toy should not be a big problem and even if it is, the reviews state  that it could and would power through it. New Toy is small but mighty.

I've all ready started to think about other places on the property that need to be tilled. I've been thinking that maybe I might want to plant flowers along my front walk. That would be really pretty and easy to water. I've wanted to do something like that for a while but the dirt in the front is hard and I don't see myself tackling that job manually. In 5-10 days, I won't have to.

Sun Joe Tiller holds the power found in a gas tiller with the convenience of electric power. This convenient electric tiller/cultivator weighs only 17 pounds.

o Garden tiller is easy to use in any situation, such as starting a new garden or recovering an old lawn
o Four steel angled tines enable the Tiller Joe to loosen the ground and make any planting or dirt removal easier than with hand tools
o Relieves strain on the operator by using power and reducing weight and motion by the operator
o No tune ups or oil are necessary for tiller to function
o Machine is ETL inspected and approved and comes with a full 2-year warranty from the manufacturer
o Cultivates a 14-inch (36cm) wide path in one pass
o 7-inch cultivating depth
o Powerful 6.5-amp motor
o Folding handle enables unit to store easily and take up minimal space
o Model: TJ600E

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