Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Charlie Sheens' Corner

Did ya'll know that Charlie Sheen was completely out of his mind? and not just completely out of his mind on drugs - which he is, by the way, he is completely coked out of his mind. If you punched him he wouldn't bleed, he would just leave a powdery residue on your hands. And then, he would lick your hands like a dog. He's that guy.

He's also bat shit insane. He's the guy on the corner that yells at you, the  creepy lady that swears at you in the parking lot for getting too close to her basket or her invisible donkey or her magic pile of underwear, he's that strung out guy who asks you  for a minute of your time to discus his theory of  how the bus system is really a CIA trick to make us all vegetarians. He's that babbling  pile of fabric at the park.  He is that guy.

You know that guy  we both cross the street to get away from him, we pretend he's not there. If he wasn't hold up in Sober Lodge he would be the face of our failed mental health system but he's rich, famous and for the most part stays inside his house, so he's on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. He's still that guy.

I follow him on Twitter but I would cross the street to get away from him. I'm not enabling him, his other two million plus followers aren't either. We're looky-loos, tacky but harmless. Mark Cuban, that son of a bitch, is, enabling him, as is as that puke from Live Nation who gave him a samurai sword to play with on the roof of his office building, because he thought it would look cute.  Exploiting the mentally ill for your own benefit is evil, exploiting the mentally ill - no matter how much they co-operate with your evil scheme, because you want to see what will happen or you think it would be cute,  is hard core, send-me-to-hell evil. They don't play basketball in hell Mr. Cuban!

For me, Charlie Sheen has become the face of all the frankly, irritating, anonymous crazy people who call my phone at work  fourteen times in a row to rant about how they are being forced to take meds for their crazy but they aren't crazy and they want out of this hospital right now! Hate to burst their bubble but 1) We can't do that, 2) that 2am rant about the department of commerce or how the RNs and the Highway patrol are conspiring against you, doesn't make you sound less crazy and 3)We think you belong there! If you call me seventeen times in three hours to plead your not-crazy case, I'm not buying that you aren't crazy, because you are crazy.

I think the following should be added to our message "If you are calling from a Psychiatric facility and you want us to get you out, hang up now. If you are at that psychiatric facility by voluntary commitment, you can not leave, even if you want to, even if you think you are better, and yes, they can force you to take your meds, they can hold you down and force them down your throat, if you resist that, they can shoot you up with them, you are in a psych hospital  now buddy,not some pansy ass nursing home,  you will take your meds. If you are involuntary committed and want to accuse the sheriffs of kidnapping you, sorry, we can't help you there, you are not being held hostage" Trust us.

I watched a bit of his last Sheens Korner, he looks like death, like a wraith. I think he's dieing. I think it should be shown to every junior high kid in America as a tool to halt drug use. "This, kids is what your brain really looks like on drugs! Look at him! Of course he has to pay hookers! Would you have sex with that for free?  Don't do drugs! Don't be Charlie Sheen! He did that to himself on purpose, with drugs!  He's that guy!"

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