Thursday, March 10, 2011

Through trial and error I learned that riding the exerbike with my Ipod was better than riding in silence.A lot better. I the learned that riding the bike in front of the TV was better than with music. A lot better. I have noticed that while the trip seems shorter but that I ride slower since I have no music to set the pace. Oddly,  the average Law and Order rerun is hardly  all about the beat.  I also have learned that the bike makes a lot of noise, and to make up for it I have to turn the TV all the way up - which I don't like for some reason, I can tolerate Rihanna screaming at me,  but when the TV is loud I feel like I am  being shouted at.

On the upside to all this learning, is that I'm doing five miles a day with no problems. If I had not started by now I was going to have to start so I am ahead of the game.  I could probably go further if I wanted but I'm not sure I want to.

I ride the five miles even if I was able to ride at lunch, which doesn't happen as much as I would like. My plan is to ride at lunch everyday but some days its too cold or too rainy or I have errands that have to be run over lunch, which, as I remember doesn't happen as much over the summer. I chalk this up to the time change making it possible for me to run errands after work instead of doing everything at lunch. Over the summer it is also never to cold to sit in the car and eat a protean bar. I blame the cold for my McDonalds habit.

Oh, and Happy Lent! Woo! I decided that this year I am going to not eat at fast food places period, and I am going to not buy anything I can't eat*, the * being garden related, plants, flowers etc. But it does mean the toaster oven I was very excited about getting, will have to wait.

I have to keep up the embargo on toys, household pretties and clothes - I had been getting a little lazy on that and now I'm going to have to butch up again. I'm not in quit the same financial crises I was in a few months ago  that prompted the embargo in the first place but I think the discipline will be good for me. Just because I have the money doesn't mean I need to spend it. And now, Thank You Lent, I can't.

Oh and no desert type food buying  either unless its desert type food I have to make myself, no pre-packaged cookies or frozen cookie dough, pre made, prepackaged goodies, or ice cream but I can buy all the apples, dried apricots, berries,  or Special K type foods I can handle.

Oh and absolutely five miles a day every day, even weekends, which up to now have been days of rest from the bike. I'm also hopeing that it will be warm enough to ride to the post office to drop off mail again almost daily like I was doing last summer. So. Goals set. Lets go Lent! Woo!

I just saw the news, I hope this makes sure that no cocksucker running as a Republican can get elected in the Midwest ever, ever, ever again. And I hope the King of all cocksuckers they elected Governor know he has no political future ever, anywhere ever again. Cocksucker.

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