Friday, March 11, 2011

New Tiller

The tiller arrived! So much yay! The guy from UPS was less than completely over joyed and I had the distinct impression he wanted a tip - which, by the way, pro tip?  UPS guy? 17 pounds doesn't score you a tip or my sympathy.

Anyway! I have my very own tiller and its the cutest tiller ever, its just adorable! Its like a tiny baby kitty Tiller! Its all shiny and clean and such a pretty color!

Isn't it the cutest tiller you have ever seen? Its so feminine and dainty - not at all like those monster tillers that are out there. Not pretty at all and they do not come in cute colors.

And since it is a tiller, look at its very sexy tines!

Aren't they totally fierce?  They are going to just chew up the dirt in my garden and churn up all the lovely dirt and really mix around the green manure that's been quietly feeding the soil since the fall. It is going to rock the world of the new section too, get the nice soft dirt that's native all mixed together with the new dirt - it is going to be so awesome! Yay for spring!

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