Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I spent the day wearing a sock on one foot. One stocking on one foot, a sock, a white sock, and a stocking on the other. I start out the day wearing both stockings and socks. On both feet, after I walk Dogger I change shoes and remove the socks. I put the socks back on after work before I walk Dogger. Its a circle of life kind of thing.

I do this every week day. I put the socks on, both socks, and I take both  socks off and then I put them both back on.  I've been doing this routine every day for two years and now, out of nowhere, I forget to take off a sock and then spend the entire day doing some sort of reverse non-sparkly Michael Jackson thing and worse then the reverse, non-sparkly part of it, it took me all day to notice.

I wandered around the Farmers Market wearing a sock. I was at the Farmers Market, ankle deep in shame, looking for flowers, specifically, inpatients. I have visitors coming and I would prefer the front of the house be decorative. There were no flowers and now the reason I kept getting lapped by laughing children suddenly makes sense. It was cold, windy mostly empty and devoid of flowers. I knew I should have wondered what they were laughing about.


I still have no flowers. I'm going to have to go back to Wallyworld to get cat food for Small Cat and while I'm there I'll just pick up more hyacinths. They won't last out the season so I'll be able to get my other flowers and not feel wasteful. And I'll score some bulbs for next year. Yay bulbs.

Anyway. I didn't ride at lunch today but I did wander around  the market, so I get some credit, even better after work, I rode to the post office and still did my five miles. I won't mention that I crashed immediately after I came back from the post office or that when I woke up my first thought was that I was going to be very late to work, I wasn't but I did almost slept through House.

Why is Anthony Bourdain in Vienna? He was in Cambodia, Nicaragua and Haiti, terrible places with almost no food to speak of much less the Food Porn he usually highlights, and as far as vacation destinations, no thank you, to any of them and he worked it hard trying to educate us about how bad it was and how much "better: it is now, except for Haiti  that does not have a "better" as it has been the bad old days there since time in memorial. I got more than a whiff of White Mans Burden from all three episodes and that is off putting . This weeks he's in Vienna at Christmas Lots of Food Porn and vacation ideas and a half hour in, no mention of Nazis. He's falling down on the job, he's been ass deep in horror and now he's  eating  fancy cake and sucking down expensive wine? Come on Bourdain! Embrace it! You like horror, dig a little. Horror snob perhaps?

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