Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Warrior

For a weekend where I didn't really do anything, I got a lot of stuff accomplished. I even did yard work on what was going to be a no-yard-work weekend, because I don't have a yard and I mowed the weeds last week.

Last week I was the only one out there. The whole street, the only one, this week? This week I was woken up by a chorus of four stroke motors. Everyone was out. I said "Humph. Late adopters! I was out there last weekend end. This weekend I'm watched HGTV and trying to decide how I feel about taking a nap".

It was really, really nice out and I had all the windows open, again with the buzzing and the doing. I hate peer pressure. I started to think about what my front yard looks like. My weeds are at a uniform height and they are a laudable shade of green and the dandelions do offer quite the little pop of color and nothing says "totally organic and pesticide free!/I am a friend to our ground water" like having a yard full of those purple flowers.  Go me! I say.

I can't/won't/don't have the energy do anything about the yard itself. I can do something about my shrubs.The shrub under Doggers' window had grown some rather tatty looking extensions and the other shrubs are just ugly all the time without their own new growth making them even more ugly. I also for the first time thought about their even ugly, even bigger siblings in the back yard.

The other folks thought they were being all hard core tackling their front yards, I showed them by going into my backyard to do work! Oh yeah I was all  #tigerblood #winning  there I tell you what. First I took the cute little shrubs under the bedroom window back behind the shed and showed them what for - They are really cute and have a nice flower for about twelve hours but they also throw an unacceptable amount of shade on the plants next to them in the garden and I had to  be a all spare-the-hedge-trimmer-kill-the-plants-I-actually-care-about with them. It hurt them more than it hurt me.

Then I moved on the other big, ugly shrubs. Small Cat loves these because birds flit around inside their branches. This is charming but it doesn't make me hate them less - so I gave them a cut that would make a Marine proud. Small Cat has not spoken to me since.

I spent the rest of the day congratulateing myself for being such a hard worker.

Sunday, I scored some very young hyacinths for the front steps and some nice dirt for my  container garden on the front deck. I don't have  flowers yet, but I rationalized  putting the dirt out early
 by saying it will get warmed up and  get added nutrients and rain water and will be even more better when the nurseries come across with my inpatients.

Oh, and I finally got a bird feeder that didn't turn out to be smarter than me  #winning, #pre-assembled.

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