Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Garden 2011 Update 4 1/2

Yesterday was all about ramping up for vegetables. Today is about actual vegetables. Lets talk potatoes

Look how big! I'm so proud of them. It looks like I'll be adding layer of dirt #2 very soon! This is a very exciting development for my potatoes. And then I wait for them to grow another 6-8 inches and I had the third a final layer of dirt and then I plant some bush beans and wait for spud Christmas. I read in one of my vegetable books that I have planted exactly as many plants as I should have for one person. I had no idea one person would eat ten plants worth of potatoes! Who knew?

I am a little concerned with the potato in the foreground as it is significantly behind his starchy brethren but I have all hope that it will catch up. I take comfort in that it has sprouted and looks healthy.

This one makes me particularly proud.

The plants in this barrel aren't as tall as the other barrel but I have great hope for the plants. They are particularly lush and promising. The potatoes in this barrel have all sprouted and I'm thrilled with how healthy and green they are. My raspberry bushes are being eaten to lace and I am not happy. I'm going to keep a close eye on my taters though and be faster with the pesticide than I was with the raspberries.

These plants are taller but I don't get the same lush-and-healthy vibe from this barrel. These plants are taller than the other barrel but not all the potatoes have sprouted. I have faith in them though because this barrel gets a little more direct sunlight than the other one so I'm sure it will catch up and maybe pass its brother.

I will be fertilizing both barrels on a regular bases and I have changed my watering schedule to reflect the fact that potatoes are mostly water and it is slowly getting warmer. I think they have grown better since I made that change coupled with warmer weather.  I am feeling really good about this experement.

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