Thursday, April 14, 2011


I officially have no reason to keep the house clean any longer! I celebrated by opening  a Netlfix movie and dropping  the scraps on the carpet and leaving the room. Tada!

I am now stressing over my potato plants. The largest plant needs to be re-buried in dirt, the smallest plants are barely more than sprouts and I don't think burying them would help. They need sun and you don't get a lot of sun when you are buried up to your eyebrows. Its an issue.

This weekend I am going to be working in the garden. I think it is the right time to get the hoses installed and put the  mulch in place. Its the least fun part of the whole process but its the part that makes the whole thing fun ultimately. I enjoy pulling weeds to a point but I don't enjoy it so much I want to spend a lot of time doing it. I was going to experiment with other kids of irrigation but after thinking about it I decided that it wasn't worth it. My plants have never suffered in the past and I don't see a really good reason to switch my methods at this time. I'm still concerned about my potatoes though and  in a couple of weeks they will be joined by tomato plants and they will all need to be watered.

Issues persist.  Last year I watered the plants on the side of the house by hand, which was fine as long as I was present to water them - and so my thoughts turn to  watering systems and my tried and true drip hose and timer combo - I am not sure how this would work with container gardening. I think that it might not work as well as in the traditional application and I would  need to buy more hoses, which shouldn't be a big problem as I buy new hoses almost every year anyway but I have a system that I have worked out over the years and my biggest issue at this point is dealing with leaks and the never ending frustration of trying to get the hose set in the right direction and then locking it down.

Then the fun stuff! I'm going to put up the trellisi and figuring out the netting for the plants to climb on. I would like to get them planted also. I think I'm going to be busy.

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