Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garden 2011 Update 7

I wasn't planning on running a lot of errands this evening but run a lot of errands I did. I went out to get two things, more Glucosamine for Dogger and more peppers. I thought that I could get both things at Wallyworld. I spend entirely too much time at Wallyworls and I apparently have been brainwashed into believe that they have everything I need.

They do not.

I was able to find the glucosamine but not the peppers. They sold  single serve peppers but I wasn't in the market for one-at-a-time veggies, I don't have that kind of faith in the system. I wanted what I have bought time and time again, I wanted a six pack of peppers and I took for granted that Wallyworld of all places would carry at the very least some generic variety of green peppers in a six pack. I was wrong.

Wallyworld let me down.

I took my glucosamine to the car and ten seconds later my idiot light popped on that told me that I should get gas. I drove a few blocks and decided that I was in the wrong place to get gas. There was a gas station literally every four yards but they all had bet wrongly that I was willing to pay just about anything to get fill my tank. The idiot light goes on when I should get gas, not when I have to get gas. I told the stations to suck my exhaust and kept driving.

Sam's has a lot more realistic grasp on what I am willing to pony up to maintain my horse power. Tank filled, I headed to Lowes. They had a sale over the weekend on their vegetable plants and I was sure they would still have some around. I also knew that since the sale was for $1 a plant that they had stocked up on small plants and there was a better than average chance that they had also had six packs available that they should be selling for a dollar but won't and didn't. Bastards.

I did get my six pack of tiny plants as well as as a single of a variety I hadn't planted yet. I am going to have a veritable crayon box of peppers -  red! green! yellow! and I might not be done yet. Correct that, I am not done yet. I have more space but not enough to plant more watermelons - which would be awesome. Unrealistic, but awesome. So watermelons being out the question, I see more peppers. Maybe  purple peppers?

 I am planting closer together this year, I usually plant very far apart but since this has not made for amazing harvests, as my few plants produced few fruits,  that this year I'm going for quantity and planting closer together. In real farms they don't leave a lot of space between the plants and shockingly, they still produce.

Another experiment this year involves not caging. My theory is that last year I planted next to the house, in considerably more sun then I had in the garden. The sun plants did not grow as tall as the shade plants and they were not as in need of caging. Also, I don't want to buy a whole bunch of new cages to house my whole bunch of new plants.

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