Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Garden Update 6

For someone who said I'm not going to plant tomatoes! I don't eat them and I am not going to grow them!  I'm not planting anything I don't like! No tomatoes for me! and then I amended that with Well, maybe a single plant, my friend at work really likes them... Yeah. About that.

 I planted more than that single plant... I couldn't even bring myself to stick to a single variety! I have in the ground now : Roma, Parks Whopper Improved CR, and Carolina Gold . I managed to not plant any cherry varieties, I always plant those and I never know what to do them and yet there they are, year after year. So win for me for not planting them again.

It would be really helpful if I liked to eat tomatoes in the first place. In my defence, I planted a lot of the Roma's and they are a sauce variety and I will learn to make my own spaghetti sauce from scratch with my own tomatoes -  and just because I don't eat them myself, it doesn't mean others don't either - My friend at work will really happy to get her tomatoes and its a good thing to do for others.

I will be getting more peppers though, I do like them and I do eat them. They do take a long time to get ready though and that is always an issue. I'm hopeing my beans and peas will produce enough, early enough to keep me in  garden gratification.

Speaking of  growing things. I am growing watermelon! I know! What was I thinking?! Am I out of my mind? Well, I was thinking that there they were and I have what seems like acres of available land and all of this wonderful sunshine and I just want to plant everything! and I clearly, I am. I am planting everything.

Thus far I have : Peppers (two kinds), tomatoes (three kinds), raspberries, potatoes (three kinds), pumpkins(possibly three kinds), green beans (bush and pole), peas (three kinds) and now watermelon. and there will be more peppers and I would imagine more green beans, just because.

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