Monday, April 25, 2011

Photoblogging/Garden Update 6

I think we need more three day weekends. I think it would help the economy - it would certainly leave me more time to shop and shop I did this weekend, when I wasn't at Church.

I helped the economy by buying this:

Its a "Tauntom Silverplate Coffee Server", which means, if it wasn't completely trashed, it would be worth a lot more than I paid for it . That one isn't even as heavily decorated as mine. Mine is a mess and was $45 and is going to be a lamp. Someone, somewhere a long the way, left the server on a burner and torched it. The interior is charred . It is however, going to be a very awesome table lamp.


It would be even more kewl if it would sit on part of the trunk of the tree. I would really like to be able to have part of that tree. Its a two hundred year old tree and God only knows who camped under it, who courted whom in its shade, what history it saw - I am across the street from what was a civil war hospital. I mean, it has seen history and no one is ever going to know it was there. It won't even leave its stump behind. I really want some of it to stay and if it could stay inside and be reprporsed, that would be a great thing. I am seeing end tables, sexy, solid wood end tables. They would be heavy as all hell and the heavy solid wood look isn't exactly my style, but wouldn't it be cool? I think it would be cool. If I can't take it inside, how about seating in the backyard? How about stools? or benches? or things to hold pots? I have ideas.

Wouldn't that fancy lamp look cool on a solid wood end table? Think of the wood with the bark removed and the wood sanded? I think it would be rawkin'.

Okay, moving on.

The Peppers Have Landed! I love Burpee! I got six pepper plants in the mail and they are now in the ground. I saw them in the catalog, and when the weather wizards there decided the time was right, they put them in the mail and sent them to me.

and finally,

I'm going to the Farmers Market and shopping for more veggies. I didn't realize that the addition was going to open up so much more room. Also? silver lining about the tree? I have all the sunlight! I'm going to get more peppers and more tomatoes! There isn't any reason to not have more plants than I had planned, I mean, more is more and more is better. I've managed a few plants for past couple of seasons, there isn't any good reason that I can't handle a lot of plants.

Peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas and potatoes, strawberries and pumpkins. Whee!

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