Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Photo heavy Monday

Lets see. Where to begin? The guys finally came to resolve  the tree trunk problem. Yay. I don't feel as resolved as I should. True, the tree trunk was separated from the tree and the pieces were shoved back into whence they came. Fine. But...

There is this little huge thing called the stump. The stump that thanks to the crews labors is now blocking my fence line. I need it moved. The crew is coming back on Monday to grind the stump - I'm not sure that grinding it is going to make it go back three feet to where it came from.

Do they look big? They are huge. I tried to roll the "smaller" of the two pieces of the trunk and I couldn't do it . In the rubble of the tree I've found a broken plastic camera, a boot, a basketball, a blown soccer ball and a very old forty bottle. In my yard, my poor yard art did not fair well at all.

The tree was put back roughly in the hole it came from but its too far up into my yard, so it blocks my fence line. This isn't good enough, I'm hopeing the grinding will correct this problem to the point I can put my fence back on my fence line. Hope? it has to go back on my property line. Period.

Okay, moving on. I took custody of my rockin' lamp! Now, I need a shade. Here is the lamp:

I want a neat shade! Its such an unusual lamp that I want something that will suit it. I am learning that lamp shades are expensive, but here are some ideas.

This is the right shape. Dull though

 I love this one! I think it would look really nice with the lamp base. I'm not thrilled with the black background because this lamp is meant to throw light.

 I love this shape! This is about as sexy as a lamp shade gets. I think the grey design would also really look nice with the lamp base.

Same idea, no design. I still like the idea of a rectangular shade.

Tube shaped, another newish shade concept that I also kind of like.

When I wasn't shopping for lamp shades, I went shopping for shoes. I scored a nice pair of tan sandles for work and a very lovley pair of  on sale sneakers to replace last years model. They are really good shoes, but for what I paid for them, if in six months I see another high quality pair of on sale sneakers that I might want, I could get them and not feel like I was being wasteful. After shopping, I went to Alphagals garden and  picked a lot of fresh strawberries! I came home and prepped them and then made dog treats for Dogger.

While the treats were crisping up in the oven I went to the store to pick up some whipped cream for my berries. I got the berries and:

Have I mentioned I am a big fan of Snoopy? He was only $9!

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