Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Update 13

I started to look more closely at my satellite bean tee-pee and I started to notice that the plants look not like the others. I had to start noticing them because they finally came up after somewhat of a lag - which should have been a tip off  that things were not as they should have been as they were planted on the same day.

It also took me a while to figure out how to get them watered on a regular basis as well - which may have been a contributing factor to their rather "special" nature. I have to spend some time doing some rehab work with them, to help them catch up with their garden brothers.

When I noticed the tee-pee beans were not only smaller than the others they were also um, more 2D then the others. The others have leaves, which not a single plant in the satellite garden has achieved. They really should have leaves.

I planted a few bush beans in with the potatoes and even they have leaves and I just planted them and they live essentially in a potato-y rain forest. Apparently, leaves are important to bean plants and they need them .

Which makes me concerned about the those tee-pee bean plants.

I poisoned.

A lot.

While I was napalming the backyard bug population, I decided to hit the traditional garden as well to cut off the bugs from all their food. I have noticed that a couple of leaves on the beans in the main garden had signs of chewing and when I looked closer at some of the other beans along the fence, they were in about the same shape as the tee-pee plants. I blame a lack of weed barrier for this. The plants in the "good" garden are protected from death from below by the barrier fabric, the other plants are not.  But that doesn't explain why the plants along the fence, also in the garden, look like bug scratching posts and the other plants not three feet away have escaped this fate. Thus far.

To that end : Poison, poison, poison.

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