Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's old and tacky is new and still tacky.

I got my eyes checked after work. So much fun, if I could get my eyes dilated every day... Wow. I would have to chose blindness.

 Hey, if you want to really cause your doctor to stroke, use  this phrase :"Your receptionist is chatting about patients medical records. HIPPA violations abound" . And then if you want to provoke her to have an impromptu Come To Jesus meeting with  said receptionist , when she asks where you work say "I work for the state. The Division of Health Service Regulation".

Problem solved. When I left, the receptionists mouth was literally stapled shut. And I didn't have to call HIPPA myself, which if they had me wait any longer, I most certainly would have. Because I was bored. Make me wait, deal with the blow back.

So. New prescription means new glasses and having a prescription like mine means that I have to wait and I am not a fan. The faster I get the ball rolling the better so I went to take care of that as soon as Dogger and I had eaten.  I walked Dogger quickly and squinting.

On to Lenscrafters!  Yay the mall! Or not, the mall was not yay, but I did park much closer to the part of the mall Lenscrafters is in than I usually do, so it was a win for me. I had been at the mall a few weeks ago and stopped into LC to so a little pre-appointment , pre-dilation look-and-see and I found a frame I kind of liked. I had them give me the details and I said I'd be back. I came back and as it turned out, I still liked them. I had looked at some at the doctors office but they were awful. I do not like where the frame styles are going.

The choices seem to be either Ghetto Fabulous or frames  that Tootsie rejected as being too big and plastic in the eighties. I think I found the same pair I had when I was fourteen. Not pretty.

But. Old faithful was there for me.

They are cuter than they look. Honest. I was looking for something different than I have now and these filled the bill and the bling is both less and more than the picture. Its tasteful bling as opposed to the bling on the other frames which was so tacky I just couldn't stand it. If they weren't blinged out they were huge and plastic and gave me flashbacks. I think I picked the winner.

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