Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I got a call this morning from my tree guys. Hosanna! I rushed home to find half a  ground stump.

I said Hey. Why is there half a ground stump here?

and they said

"You said back behind the fence line"

and I said

Yes, I said that. Now there is a step to get over my fence? This is not what I wanted. Do all of it

and he said

"Yeah. But..."

and I said

"I don't want scum bags coming over my fence. Scum bags in my yard! My Dad is not going to like this. ( I don't like using the Dad card but I'm a single woman and its always open season on us. Its a weapon I use sparingly. I'm a grown woman after all.)

And he said


and I said

Yeah. My Dad would be really pissed off. He wouldn't like this at all. See? Its like a step over the fence and into my yard. I can't have this. I said grind the stump. I  didn't say part of the stump.  Grind the stump. All the stump.  ( don't make me call my Dad or your boss...)

And he went and talked with his friend and I stood there. And stood there. He kept chatting and he finally came back.

"So. I'll call you to let you know when we're finished?"

When are you going to call me so I can tell my boss when I'll be leaving again.

"No. Maybe I come back later"

Okay. I'll pay you later.

He called me forty-five minutes later and when I got home the stump was ground. To the ground. I do have about a ton of mulch now, but I can live with that. I have some options.

Lets look back through time.

Doesn't look really huge, but it was. You could sit three around that easily.

Does this look about three feet deep? It is.

Some of it is going to my family and into the garden and some into the front yard  to make it look purty, the rest, I think may go to Craigslist. That should get cleaned up in no time. If its free, its like candy. I have about a ton of candy right now.

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