Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Update 14 2011

And we're back! And posting pictures of the garden! I know you were heart broken to miss this on Friday. Imagine how I felt.

Okay. First things first. A group picture.

You will notice a few of the tomatoes needed to be braced up. I am still okay with not putting them in cages because I don't think I'm going to need them. I am rethinking the cages the peppers are in, I might be setting them free. I don't think any of the plants are going to get as leggy as they did in the past because the light is be so much better  than it was before
and they shouldn't have to work so hard to get their share of the sunlight.

You will notice that  the peppers do not require bracing. They are still very small and just not growing and developing like I think they should.

The beans and peas are also small, but they are clearly growing and stretching out and climbing up the trellis-i .

Speaking of growing, the watermelon ( circled in white) are starting to get a little beefy-er and spreading out a little. I'm holding out hope that these are going to produce, I have two other plants in the front with the pumpkins, but they are being shaded by those plants and I don't think they are going to be successful.

Speaking of the pumpkins.

And to think I was so happy about the little, anemic vines I had last year! I'm pretty sure that the above is what pumpkin plants are supposed to look like. They are even spreading out a little - see lower left. I also planted a couple of bush beans in there and two watermelon plants but as you can see, they don't have much of a chance. I'm thinking now of taking them out and replanting into the main garden.

While we're in the front yard

on the porch, we have fetal raspberries! On both plants! I didn't think that either plant was going to be productive so soon after being replanted way too late in the season. I also did some very aggressive pruning at the time of the replanting and I was pretty sure that this year I was just going to get greenery, if the plants just didn't die from shock out right. I was wrong. Yay plants!

Back to the front yard, the potatoes look great.

 I kind of wish I had them in deeper containers because the plants are so tall that it would be nice and probably  more productive, if I could keep adding more dirt and giving the plants more room to make me potatoes. On the upside, I know that there are potatoes!

In my reading I learned that flowers mean the new potatoes have "set". The plants are covered with buds. 

The protective bush beans I planted also seem to be doing okay, despite being in such a shady environment. I am going to spray some poison over the canopy of the plants though because I am noticing some chewed leaves.

Speaking of chewed leaves. I had to pull the first pole bean satellite planting out and start over.

This time I'm going to pay attention to them and take care of problems before it gets out of hand again. Speaking of new things, I have some new-to-me iris plants. I'm hopeing they do as well here as they did in their old bed.

My other flowers are setting a good example. Although, they do need to be fertilized. Rain is great, a lot of rain leaches the soil of needed nutrients and my soil has been sucked dry by the rain. Strange but true.

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