Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pumpkins Progress

I know you are about tired of hearing about the garden. And I sympathize, truly. Its like having to hear about contestants when you would rather eat glass. Did you know one of the cast members this season comes from here? Yes. FAUX is spreading the marketing cash around here big time.

And then I go right back to posting pictures of greenery!

My how they've grown! They are going to take over the yard. I'm a little concerned about that, I'm  pretty sure the yard won't be the same healthy environment that they have gotten used to. The grass is, I imagine,. full of things that I don't want coming in contact with my vines.  The largest part of the vines belong to the orange variety and they seem to be the most vigorous of the plants. They are also the first plant to


Or as it is, start to get ready to flower. The first to be fixin' to flower. I know its not clear from the picture but it is clearly yellow. So, I may get a pumpkin out of this after all. Wouldn't that be awesome? I had thought I was going to need to put up a little fence to protect my plants from the world. but now I wonder if I should put up a fence to protect the world from my plants.

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