Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Photoblogging, again.

Busy picture taking weekend. First off

Victory over the forces of chaos! Problem solved. I could have just waited for it some how magically solve it self or just hope to Gawd that the neighbors crane did the work, whenever that happens. Or. Or a back ho could just appear, and then get talked into doing the job for less then they wanted - but more than I wanted. But still. Problem  solved.

The first raspberry of the season. Yum.

The complete lamp.  I think it looks lovely and it throws nice light.

Oh, and on Saturday, after Artsplosure,  where I scored a very nice print and a sweet stained glass bird and I got my first sunburn of the season. The shirt this year was dull as dishwater and I had to walk away. That made me sad. I got over it.

On Sunday, I was looking for something to do and after some sitting around and laundry doing, I was casting about for something to do and I decided to go see this trail I've been seeing on the way to Knightdale for shopping. Its not easy to access which is a drag, but it was a nice walk. I turned it into a hike when I left the road. Sometimes you have to throw away the map and just let your heart lead you where you want to go.

I wanted to go  and I did. I followed the river - not easy, had to go bushwhacking and cross country and frankly, this is snake country, I was not entirely thrilled about all of this. It took me a long time but I got there and shockingly, There was a there, there.  I was a little annoyed that while I went through some rough  country to get there, other people drove. I will have to figure out how they got there because the river is really nice and the river bank is very pretty and I saw deer and lots of water birds and of course, snakes. It would be a  killer place to kayak - if you didn't have to go through what I did to get there.

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