Thursday, May 5, 2011


The people across the street don't deserve the precious puppy they have. They ignore it because it yaps, but all they have to do to stop the yapping is to NOT IGNORE IT. If I could handle another dog I would have snatched it days ago. Its so cute! and I know it would make a great dog for someone with the desire to take care of it.

Gawd. You would think with five kids and two adults in a house the size of a shoebox that the dog would never want for attention, by rights it should be utterly exhausted all the time. What utter assholes. I hope the neighbors read my recent door slamming a window closing performance art  as  signs I hate them and that the yapping needs to be dealt with. I don't even know the little dog and I can guarantee I like it more than they do.

I don't want to lay it on too thick because when their cat got too much to deal with. they set it lose. I don't think they would turn a dog lose... If the dog disappears I'm going to call the police.

I got another quote for the trunk. $4500! Even the estimator new that it was way, way out of budget and he didn't even know what my budget was. His suggestion was that I continue to get estimates. I was like Yeah, Sparky, I hadn't thought about making more calls but I'll get right on that. . I thought after  I spray painted a line on the tree to mark where "my" part of the tree started, that this would illuminate what I need done and yet every time someone comes to look at the tree trunk in my yard they assume they are here for the whole tree! No one asks, they just see the giant and start to hallucinate dollar signs.

I didn't tell him I had all ready got the estimate in the mid three figures I was looking for and hired a vendor who will be here as soon as the rain stops.

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