Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working for the weekend.

Nothing says "I'm going away for the weekend" like mowing your yard on a Wednesday.  I got a wild hair and decided that the yard needed to be taken care of now instead of later. I could have done it Thursday night but that didn't work for me. I could have done it Friday night but I'm going to be busy.

IN reality, if I had time to think about mowing the yard I would psych myself out of by the time it got time to do it. I would find something that would stand between me and the job - maybe it would  end up being "too hot" or maybe "too humid" or too "Law and Order rerun" .  There would be something a lot more important than getting the lawn mowed.

So, I did it. I hauled the mower up from the basement and hit the yard work as soon as I got back from walking Dogger. I almost talked myself out of the job because the walk was a lot longer than we have been doing for our second walk, they have been a lot shorted lately because its too damn hot and I worry for Doggers tender paws on the street. Poor dog,  her health is paramount and I can't put myself before her, so  we've only been walking for short distances to spare her feet.

So I had a long walk  ( in the heat) and a lawn mow!  (in the heat) so I'm intentionally skipping the bike ride because I don't want to kill myself. Its too hot and its later than usual and I don't want to wind myself up too much before bed. I also picked tonight to correct my hair color - another chore I have to spring on myself so I don't have time to come up with an excuse not to.

Oh, and because I know you are following the saga of my pumpkins as breathlessly as I am - there are a lot of blooms on the vines! Woo!

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