Thursday, June 9, 2011

Born at night, not born last night.

And so I made an appointment with these people who were supposed to come to my house and test my water quality - I thought this was super because my water tends to be, um, discolored from time to almost all the time and it would be nice to know what exactly is in the water. Fine.

They were supposed to be here at 6pm. I had a staff meeting after work so I knew that I was going to have shuffle things for this appointment. Again, fine. The water thing is free and I will shuffle things for free services. I started watching the clock at 5:45 and by 6pm I was getting a little annoyed. I'm a stickler for promptness and even freebies need to be on time. I did a little pre-appointment straightening and waited some more, while I mentally flipped through my plans for the evening and began to rearrange my evening. I don't have a whole lot to do, but I like to be able to get it done and this water thing was really shooting everything to hell. At 6:20 the phone rings and they announce that shock! the guy is running behind - as if I would not have noticed, twenty minutes after I had been told to expect him.

The woman, who insists on calling me "Mrs." - which I'm sure is meant as sign of respect but in reality, annoys me to no end - said he would be there by 6:35. I told her I had things I need to do and I can't just wait around... I mean Dogger needs a walk and I want to take a shower and I could make a run to Wallyworld and I could spend a little time weeding under the  suspiciously weed welcoming weed barrier and I need to ride the exerbike - I have a lot on my plate and it's not looking like a good time for visits from water people. she said if he wasn't there by 7pm she would reschedule for tomorrow night. I told her that this would not be possible.

It doesn't help that the only number they have for me is my land line so the only way they can get me on the phone is when I am in the room with the phone when they call. This does not bode well for rescheduling, because then only rooms with phones are very hot in the early evening and I don't love being hot. Too bad for them. It also depends on how I feel about the idea of rescheduling, they had told me that it was a one-time-only thingy and they were funded for only a very short time. If they do call me back and I'm in the room with the phone, its going to call that into question and make me think that its really a front so they can case my house for a future robbery. I think there will not a second try at the apple for them. I was excited about the Wallyworld gift card they promised me as my prize. Oh well. I think I'll survive giftcardless if it means I get to keep my TV.

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