Friday, June 10, 2011

Pod Person

If I can figure it out, i.e, read and follow the directions this site will be easier to read on your mobile devise.

I want it to be known that my desert this evening was made up of several pea pods from my garden. It wouldn't have been so many had I known they were there. The pods look exactly the same as the leaves of the plant - except for one pod that was quite too big and fat because I hadn't seen it earlier. Puffy is not yummy when it comes to pea pods. I will pay more attention to my pea pods in the future.

In my  extensive reading about pea pod physiology, I learned that they are very shallow rooted plants and they do not enjoy being crowded. Oops, I am hopeing they aren't so shallowly rooted that they also have a problem with "togetherness", because while I wouldn't say they plants are crowded together, I would say that perhaps it would be important for the plants to be good neighbors to each other and to enjoy working as a team to achieve their shared goals. Or die trying.

Prior to finding the pods, I had been planning on going to the Cook Out to score a Reese's (tm) milk shake with approximately 11,000 calories. I think the pods were a better investment in Diana, because the pods have  approximately 11,000 negative calories. In the milk shakes defence,  the walk to the stand would have burned off three pounds of fluid. I burned at least that hunting for pods among the leaves, so I not only ended up with a credit of 11,000 calories, I also burned off three additional pounds of fluid! I can eat an entire pizza and a quart of Moose Tracks ice cream and still come out ahead!

So far, my plan of only planting what I can eat , I am ahead. I've had three meals featuring my potatoes as  a side dish and I have at least one meal left with them in a supporting role and I've eaten five pea pods.

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