Friday, June 24, 2011

Clean Sweep

I was on my way to work yesterday and I noticed that one of the houses on Hargett had been town down. That seems like a very extreme reno. I mean a gut job, fine, but to tear the whole damn thing down? That takes balls. And probably a crane and if it could be a block away why couldn't it be next door? Gawd! Today I took Dogger on a walk down the street to see which house it was.

Was it the house with the jacked up awning? or the bad roof? or the one still with a tree on it? the one that looks abandoned? the one with the really bad roof, the one with the four trees down in the back yard, the one that has no yard and sits in the middle of a mud lot. They get mid six figures along here? How?

Turns out it was the one next to the house with the yellow door. I think it might have been the one that had a couple of concrete planters. I thought it was the one that looks just awful but that one is till there. I still can't remember what it looked like and I walked or drove past it every day for years.

It might have been the pretty one.

The remains say it was not a big house, really small actually, so it might not be the one I thought was pretty. It seemed larger and I'm pretty sure it had more of a lawn. This one doesn't have much up front at all. I've noticed the yellow door house since they painted the door yellow. The down house wasn't yellow enough or close enough to the street to catch my attention. Pity. Should have painted the door violet and I would know which one it was right off and not have to do all this thinking about it.

It did make me really look at the houses along there though.  They look rough, I thought they had pretty uniformly been flipped into new hands but when you really look, the street, while a lot nicer than it was, is still not a garden spot. In its defence, it was a lot more pre- garden spotish  before a tornado tore it all up and set it back a few years. It will get back to where it was, perhaps some enterprising  flipper will pick up a couple of the properties for a song due to storm damage and tidy the place up again. Plant some new trees, lay down new sidewalk

 I'm not sure if they looked that bad before the storm or I'm assigning blame to the storm for damage that was all ready there and it makes me wonder how they are getting the prices they do along there.

Ta da! It was the one with the jacked up awning! I knew it!

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Eduth said...

There but for the grace of God might have been YOUR house!