Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little, furry, hungry...

My inner forest creature got a bit snappish after dinner and was not pleased to discover that the only dessert food in the house was a blue ice. I offered the creature some nice dry pasta to munch on but its response was to look hungrily at my hardwoods and I decided it was time to give what it wanted.

It goes without saying that I would have rather taken care of my inner forest creatures' needs at a farmers market but it was after business and normally, Farmer Brown does not take plastic or work after 5pm - Farmer Browns loss is Farmer Inc 's  gain. Farmer Inc had a wretched collection of wretched peaches, it made my forest creature very sad.  Farmer Brown won that round. It was then on to the berries. Poor Farmer Brown!

And  as it turned out, Farmer Inc's wanted me to buy a lot more blueberries and raspberries, for a lot less than Farmer Brown would charge me for a lot fewer berries. I mean, I can't grow  3-$5 raspberries! And I would have to pick my own blueberries to get a deal like I got. Now, true, some of the raspberries are a little fuzzy but gee whiz, 3 for $5? I can forage.

The blueberries are fabulous! perhaps also not fresh off the plant, but a forest creature on a budget, can deal with a speeded up meal schedule. I did have to hit two different Kroger's to get my raspberries but 3 for $5 I'll drive a little. It did learn that if  my inner forest creature wants cheap if not so fresh fruit I should try my Kroger first before I go to the nicer Kroger. The 3 for $5 raspberries at the "nice" Kroger were sold out, while at my less nice Kroger they were going begging.

My inner forest creature is gorging itself. It should feel very bad for this, gorging is wrong but gorging on blueberries and raspberries just feels so right. Can you get too many antioxidants? I'm getting a little bit of what I think is an anti-oxident buzz.

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