Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Code Orange

Sometimes a five mile peddle is a very long trip. I was dripping sweat in my air conditioned house. Gross. Also? I now know what our Forrest dwelling friends eat all the time : Fruits and berries are not filling. You have to eat a lot to be full and then an hour later you need to eat a lot more.As much as I like being healthy, things that are bad for you are a lot more filling.

Normally, when the inside of the house gets too warm I could go outside to remind myself that it really isn't as bad as I think it is, eighty degrees is a lot less that whatever it is outside. Sometimes its nicer outside, especially if you don't move around a whole lot and even if its beastly hot, there is a breeze, something to make the heat a little more bearable. Also after a little bit of time outside, the inside seems much less hot. Today I am not going outside more than I have to for any longer than necessary.

Its not raining. Its not too windy. Its not the heat its the smoke. Dare County is on fire and the smoke is here. Its giving everything a mucky, yellow tint and it smells like a burnt out emergency break. Nummy.

Dogger does not understand why we aren't walking. I've tried to explain to her that Mommy doesn't care to taste burnt emergency break and that she doubts its good for either of them to be inhaling the nasty stuff more than we have to. I have taken Dogger out, but quickly.  I don't think she's taken a dump in her own backyard for three years.

I saw the smoke at lunch but I didn't know what it was. I should have recognized it, Mexico was on fire several years ago and in Dallas we smelled and saw the smoke. It was like a thin, yellow, gassy fog. Very unattractive and it made driving a hazard. I think we were advised to stay inside. Here we have an Orange Air Quality Alert. I don't know what that means. The air smells funny and there is this tinge of yellow but its not like it was in Dallas. It isn't fog, but it isn't nice either.

 My elderly neighbor was outside trimming his hedges while I scurried in and out holding my breath, he was there for at least an hour!  Breathing! He didn't seem to notice at all that the air was, you know, touching him in a really unhealthy manor but I guess he hasn't gotten as elderly as he has by getting upset by poor air quality or touchy-feely breezes. Maybe he likes tasting the air. He's old, he didn't get that way on accident, I should go outside and breath deep.

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