Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Baked

I  was hungry but I didn't want to go out again. I've had reasonably good luck following simple recipes so I thought I would just follow another simple recipe and make myself something to eat, I'm a big girl, I can feed myself, I don't need no Elf to provide me with cookies

. I have a lot of baking stuff around and for a limited time I even have milk in the house! I went through my Joy and found what looked like a good idea, peanut butter cookies, I like this well enough and I have the ingredients - so I thought, I do not however have vanilla, an ingredient I thought was so commonplace that it just came in your cupboard, like oregano or food coloring. Builder grade, of course.

Ice Road Truckers has a snow globe? Shut up. Gawd, now I need that snow globe. Damn.

Anyway. No cookies for me. If I don't want to go out to but something to eat, I can't go out and buy vanilla - especially since there isn't a Vanilla Store, I don't need the temptation. I mean, I just got back from Wallyworld where I went way, way off the reservation and ended up with two new polo shirts - which I did want and  am not entirely uncomfortable with saying that I needed them - They were however, not on my list. I must work on my self control. I need to get back into lent mode, offer it up.

Cooking. I cooked

 not pictured, Molasses, soaking beans over night and then simmering them for hours.

 half way there

finished product.

They tasted very nourishing when I first took them out. I was really surprised that they were as, well, bland as that with all the sugar and bacon in them. I want to make these for my family SPOILER ALERT for July 4th and I had been afraid they weren't going to like them for the sweetness, clearly not a problem with this recipe. I added a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar and that fixed it for my taste.

 They were just kind of straight across in taste, no valleys or mountains of interest in the taste. The next time I'm going to make some substitutions, I'm going to use BBQ sauce instead of bland ketchup and I'm going to double up on the worcestershire and add in some garlic and probably find a sharper onion and maybe fry the bacon a little before hand. We'll get there.

It also makes a lot. I mean, I've had them for three meals in a row and I still have enough to feed an army, to save myself from baked bean overload, they can be frozen.

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