Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Update 18 2011

And we have progress!

Tada! We have watermelon! Watermelons actually! I am so excited! So many explanation marks! It also means that I have to water them at lot more here on out. I will have to work out a schedule for that, add it to the daily to-do list. Gladly.

Look how these have grown! I'm so proud of them. I am a little worried that they are going to get to heavy for those light weight poles. I may have to come up with supports for the supports.

Yay! peppers! These are on the very last plants I put in the ground and they are still the smallest. The first plants I put in have flowered but aren't producing anything yet. Slackers.

The tomatoes are all doing well. The problem is I can't actually see all the plants so its hard to tell how the individual plants are doing or if they are producing. On the up side, they won't stay green and invisible  forever.

For ever success there are failures. Meet blossom end rot. The bane of gardeners everywhere. Its a symptom of too much change in temperature or too much water or too much dry or something. It means things got out of whack. I pulled some others like this but I think its okay to let them mature and then just cut off the ugly part. Or its poisonous. I'll do some more research.

600 pounds of green beanery, five blooms. Progress is being made.

These are on the plant I thought wouldn't do anything this year. The other plant is really doing nothing. This year I'm going to cut them both back big time and hopefully, replant them in the backyard.

 This is a detail of the remaining potato plant.The branches has long fallen over and I don't water it anymore but its still making new leaves. Grumble. I need this to go towards the light so I can meet the potatoes.

 The pumpkin plant doesn't seem to be in any hurry to make pumpkins. It seems very happy to make blooms and buds. I'm going to need to find out what the female blooms look like as theya re supposed to appear a week or so after the male blooms. The plants have been blooming for weeks.

 These are growing in a flower pot on the front porch. Sharing space and producing beans. Good worker.

The peas are starting to produce as well. These are very tastey.

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