Thursday, June 16, 2011


I was all about the potatoes, but now I've moved on. I'll go  back with them when I harvest the last batch, I know I'll be excited about them again but I've moved on.

Why? Because I can see the watermelons.

A growth chart of watermelon babies

 Flower and ovary

 a fetal melon

 first trimester?

I've learned that its important to water these guys a lot more than when they are just greenery so I'm watering the bejesus out of the plants. I wish there was some sort of chart to tell you how much you're supposed to water them because "bejesus" is hardly an exact measurement and it might not be very much, its a lot more than it was before, but it might not be enough.

They get the soaker hose every day like before but now I hit them with two big full water cans first thing AM and then again after work before I even go in the house and than again in the mid-evening. What if I'm watering too much? everything says "water more" but more than what? I mean I could be drowning the plants!

I sit at my desk and think about the biggest watermelon baby. I wonder how its doing, I wonder if its God forbid, getting eaten and by whom, if it needs me, if its going to be larger when I get home or if its going to just die for no reason and then I'll cry. There is the problem, I've never raised melons before and it important that I have more than just the one because its going to get all only-child syndrome and its going to to be way too important to me. I don't want it to wilt under the weight of my expectations. It needs siblings.

The third plant in the satellite garden is finally growing and spreading. I'm happy with its progress and now that its showing healthy growth, I have some real hope for it producing.

Speaking of producing. The pumpkins are still not making any babies for me, its also not making any female blooms and without female blooms there are no baby pumpkins. I'm pretty sure my plants might be gay. Which is cool, you know, all "born that way" and everything. but, damn, as much as I like the pretty blooms its making, I would really like to see some pumpkins and for that, I need the plants to at least to lay back and think of England and get the job done.

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