Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Update 20 2011

Here we grow!

The little plant that could. Only a few blooms and no fruits, but its pretty anyway.

What a little attention and a lot of pesticide can achieve. Beans 2.0 are doing well, no blooms yet, but again, its pretty.

Family Picture, things are getting a little sloppy.

 I imagine if they were caged, there wouldn't be so floppy or undisciplined. There are arguments for and against this practice. They are much harder to perform maintenance on without cages. Allegedly they grow more fruits that ripen earlier when uncaged. More fruits harder to take care of and find once ripe.

 If I had known this variety was going to be this small or get blossom end rot to the degree that these and only these fruits have displayed, I wouldn't have bothered with these plants at all. I don't even like small tomatoes. Gah.

Yay! This is what I like to see big tomatoes where I can see them. I do have to watch very closely though and harvest just prior to ideal ripeness because if I don't "they" will. Bastards.

 Next year I am going to be all about purple peppers. Allegedly, I also planted at least two yellow varieties but they haven't produced anything of any color yet.

Next year if I can be as disciplined as I wanted to be this year, its going to be 80% peppers and only, tops, 20% tomatoes. Damn it. Plus whatever else seems cool. But many, many fewer tomatoes.

 Green beans are not having any problems with "them". Green beans are green and lush and healthy but green beans are not producing like something growing like that that should. Grumble.

 That used to be a fence. Now its Trellis East.

Just about all the green beans have produced, the lazy things. Next year I plant fewer.

Here we have green beans, peppers and tomatoes. Undisciplined! or a nifty chip dip.

The first plant is getting a little peaky.

 Second and third plants are not peaky.

 Baby watermelon seems to have hit a developmental
platteau . I am trying not to worry.

 Even smaller baby watermelon is also platteau-ing.  I am also trying not to worry about this one.

 Watermelon vine is adventurous. Here, it is hanging out with the peppers, looking for some room to spread out. Hopefully, also to have room for the kids to run around.

 Lots and lots of blooms, not many fruits.

One of the few, the proud, the brave. The short lived.

 Still growing. It can because its not wasting precious resources on producing fruits. Its pretty and all and the flowers are lovely, but ... Would it be too much to ask three plants to make a pumpkin?!

 Just about nicer than actual flowers. Certainly more colorful.

Raspberries are nice and green but seem to have stopped making berries.

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