Friday, July 8, 2011

Walk on by

Its been so hot lately that I've cut back on Dogger's walks, both in length and in frequency. We walk around the block a lot. Its just too hot to be ambitious. I putter around the garden for my summer exercise. doesn't do much for my physical well being but my emotional self is svelte.

When it was cold, we took lots of walks for lots of mileage. It was cold and awful and sometimes it was icy and more than once there was snow on the ground and it was always dark and we were out there walking like it was our job.

Now? its dry and warm and light almost all the time our walks are short and not nearly as frequent as they were. I hate this. Today I decided that we needed to go for a "real" walk. They changed my mail pick up from "afternoonish" to "if and when we feel like it-ish". I decided that we were going to walk to the post office, do a DIY project if you will. I could drive there but we like this walk. It is one of our more ambitious walks, even when its nice but I thought we needed the exercise.

It was nice outside for about the first ten minutes. Then the humidity kicked in. 85% humidity and it was only about 90 degrees.. It was okay as long as there was shade to walk in - Did I mention we had a tornado that knocked down a lot of the shade? We kept going. Dogger seemed really happy and energized and I really needed to get my bill mailed. Things were still okay after we got the the post office, then I had the idea that we should walk up Edenton instead of New Bern.  We were slowing down and I stopped to read a sign in someones garden, it turned out to be an inside joke sign not a sign sign. Whatever. I looked up and I didn't know where I was. I looked around and said to myself "What street is this?".

This was not a good thing.

I figured it out but it was kind of a weird moment. I did try to hurry at that point, did not make me sweat less.  Dogger and I kept going and I began to notice my clothes were wet and my hair was wet and my mouth was dry. We hurried home. On the way a man told me that Dogger was smarter than half the people he knows. I don't think he's ever tried to talk to Dogger about current events or the weather or anything so I don't know what he was basing his opinion on because I don't think he really knows Dogger well enough to gage her intellect. I mean how would he have access to her SATs anyway. She did well but she didn't do that well.

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