Monday, July 25, 2011

Gawd its hot

I was told when I moved here that it never got this hot, they never got tornado's and there was a Chick Fil Et on every corner. Lies all lies. I had a very uneventful weekend, its hard to have events when you spend the entire weekend in your living room. I did take the bike to Alphagirl and Broskys so that Brosky could fix it, but even that was takeing care of in the living room.

Its hot. I really didn't come here to be this hot.  I wasn't excited about anything that would make my environment hotter than it all ready was but I did have to eat, so I took a hint from a really annoying commercial and made a nice meal utilizing my peppers and getting an opportunity to eat some smoked sausage and egg noodles, so I forgave them for making me turn on the stove. I later forgave the brownies for making me turn on the oven because they were so nummy.

I went outside a couple of times because I had to harvest green beans, they are very unforgiving and punish laziness by growing like crazy and getting woody and bitter over night.  I have gotten in the habit of harvesting every day, even if I'm only pulling a few beans because I would rather pull a few everyday than end up throwing them over the fence because they became uneatable because I put off taking care of them.

 I was out in the yard and I got to looking at the melons. The melons near the shed are huge

The one to the left is the largest and its roughly twenty inches at its widest, and the smaller one is just slightly smaller. These guys are just growing like crazy. The other fruits, while younger, should be growing at the same rate but aren't and they have luxery of regular water from the irrigation system.  This made me think about what else they didn't have in common  and what I came up with is that the shed fruits get a lot more direct sunlight than the others. I decided to lift the fruits out of the shady vine coverage and into the sun to see if this would help them along

I'm curious to see if this makes any difference to their rate of growth.

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