Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After Market

Approximately around New Years the abandoned market at the end of the street burned down. It became only slightly more of an eyesore than in its pre-burned condition and slightly less than before it was abandoned. At its best it looked like a disused set from an early Spike Lee project. And then it was abandoned and burned and sat there for months. The tornado didn't even blow its hair around.

And that's what it looked like for the next, oh, six months . Lovely. But the other day I noticed that it looked like someone had mess with its "front door". Damn I thought I'm going to have to call the city and get lied to, but then I noticed the  back ho around the rear of the hulk.

Isn't it gorgeous? The neighborhood rejoices. I felt my resale value stretch and sigh with joy.

Speaking over before and after. I decided it was time to eat the first watermelon. I grew it, I harvested it and now it was time to consume it.

It tasted young. It wasn't as sweet as melons I have had in the past but in its defence, it was a preemie and it never had  a chance to develope properly. It was good though and  had the right texture and it smelled devine and I still have half of it left. I have high hopes for the other melons.

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