Friday, July 22, 2011

Grow Up or Get Out.

I had to do something I didn't want to do. I had to take the First Watermelon out of the garden prematurely.

regulation free stone peach

The problem was that it had stopped growing and if I have learned anything about watermelons,  and I have learned a thing about watermelons, its that they grow all the time.

The same peach. I had to use  the sports setting on my camera to get this. They grow so fast they blur in pictures. 

Its what they do. They get very big and they can't get very big if they spend a lot of time over-thinking the growth process. First Watermelon grew for a while and then it stopped. I thought it was a temporary thing or maybe it is just what they do,because what did I know about watermelons? I thought that it was possible that they grow for a while and then they hit a  plateau and then they sit there for a while gaining strength or something. It was only after the surprise watermelons formed that I learned that they don't stop they have only one speed and it is forward, they don't stop and gather their thoughts and then set off again to continue the process.

I felt bad about having to take out First Watermelon but then I made a discovery:

A Forth watermelon! I see it as a sign. So now there are two growing melons in the garden. True, they aren't growing as fast as the surprise melons but I chalk that up to the amount of direct sunlight they get,  in the garden, while they get a lot of sun, they are somewhat shaded by the trellis and the green beans. The new one is near the fence and might get a little more sun than the other melon that isn't bothered by the trellis but is shaded by the remaining tree.

I have yet to try First Watermelon. I am afraid of what I might find.I don't want to cut it open and have it be hollow or full of worms. If it was anything else in the garden that had failed to thrive, I would just throw over the fence and move on.

I don't see it as littering, I see it as guerrilla gardening. If even a few of the tomatoes and peppers and even  beans that I got rid of are able to take root, the empty lot will be its own Community Garden by next spring. Its a great location, lots of nice sun and the ground is lose due to the tree going tits up  and the house there getting torn down a few years ago. If it had water it would be an awesome place to garden.

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