Thursday, July 21, 2011


I didn't have anything from the garden for dinner, I could I chose not to. Instead, I cleared my palate with a simple pasta dish.  That makes it sound so much more interesting than saying I boiled some spaghetti because its just too hot to mess with the oven or spending a lot of time in front of the stove.

Does anyone know any good recipes for bell peppers? As much as I love stuffed peppers, I have been eating a lot of them lately and I understand that they can be exploited in more ways and there are  many directions  in the pepperverse that I have  yet to explore.

Hmm. About those directions, many were variations of the stuffed pepper theme or used peppers as small parts of a much harder to cook and much harder to put together dishes or  used them primarily as a garnish! The horror! I did see a crab bisque that looked really interesting but sadly, crab meat doesn't grow on tidy shrubs in my yard and I can't just pick it up at the farmers market, but darn it all, I would have to sacrifice and go shopping at the fish mongers and that would be a terrible thing.

It did have the added appeal of requiring tomatoes and I have plenty of those. It was complicated but it was one of the few that got my attention and that there was any chance I would eat myself. I might have to freeze some peppers and make that bisque in the fall or winter.

What I could do, is make some stuffed peppers that I am admittedly a little over right now and just freeze the whole lot for meals later. I would even have to cook the stuffing, just stuff and freeze and cook later.

 I could also check any one of my too many cook books and see what they say. Its harder to browse by ingredient in the books though and I would imagine frustrating and very easy to get off task. It was very  to stay on task online but the repetive nature of the results was less than inspiring.

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