Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mopeing about a moped

The best thing about summer is the peaches. I ate them all last summer and this summer they are back for a return engagement. This summer is different because I branched out from just blindly eating slices like so many sticky pringles to baking with them. There are all sorts of things you can do with peaches, I just wish fewer of them started with "set oven for 350 degrees"...  I've eaten so many in all states of peachness that when I nicked myself the other day the blood was sticky and drew flies.

Speaking of things I've cooked. Tonight for dinner I ate the last of my potatoes and the remainder of the green beans. I'll get more green beans but I am sad about the potatoes. I'm going to plant a fall crop but the harvest won't happen for months. I'm going to have to settle for other-people-grown for the duration. Mine are better.

The dark mass in the back was some very tasty ginger/garlic/worcester sauce stir fry chicken with some red wine used to deglaze.  Nummy.

I think I am not going to adopt the moped.
It was pointed out to me by someone with a lot more self control than I have, that I would have to explain to a lot of people with badges how I got the moped and then all the people who would have to service the most-likely-not-perfect moped and then there is the matter of the no pink slip issue, sure to cause a lot of really frustrating issues along the way. I would spend most of my moped quality time explaining and re-reexplaining how we met. I'm not sure that they would believe my story that I honestly found it  and then I would have to go into how I called the police and they came and they said it wasn't stolen and how it just sat there on campus for days and days and how I couldn't just let it rot there - over and over again.

I'm not sure I would want to go into its origin story to the guy at the moped store when I went to go have a key made for it. I admit its a little suspicious that I was taking a walk and it just appeared out of nowhere - like an abandoned kitten, another thing that is never as free as they seem. But, damn it! Look at it!  Sure its a little rough but damn! Free Moped!

Someone is going to walk away with it, why not me?

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