Friday, July 29, 2011

I love the summer. I love summer bcause summer means peaches and I am popping peaches like breath mints. I might be developing a peach problem, I know my favorite peach guy at the farmers market thinks I'm stalking him. That is his problem. I am stalking his cheap, cheap peaches that I buy in bulk and eat like candy.

I have no interset in him. I am facinanated with his perfect peaches: not too hard, not too ripe, never bruised,  and he doesn't try to pass of white peaches as real peaches and he never tried to palm hateful, messy clingstone peaches off on me.

I tried to camphalge my peach habit by baking with them but that was in the end, unstaisfying. I didn't want to have to wait on my peaches and I didn't want to have to waste time with pie dough and ingredients. I'm much happier with a raw peach - preferably, three or four at a time.

I don't think of them as peaches, I think of them as really healthy chips.Without the "healthy chip" after taste and attendent self rightousness that comes from eating healthy faux potaote chips. In my mind peaches are really healthy, unself-ritightous because they are full of sugars, wet chips that are sticky and pliable. So, really they aren't very chip like. But like chips, I can't eat just one. I opened up a brave new world when I learned that I didn't need a knife-knife to cut my peaches, I could also use a butter knife. I have many,many more butter knives at my disposal. I also have more butter knives in my disposal, but I'm trying to watch that.

Speaking of disposal. Does anyone know any good uses for peach pitts? I wind up with a lot of them and I was wondering if there isn't some clever craft project I could be useing them for - other than useing them to start my own peach tree hobby farm because I am over trees. No more trees. Do peach pitts polish up? Could I sell them to beeders? If the peach pitts are too large,  I also have watermelon seeds.

I hope peaches are okay in bulk. I would hate to wind up with some sort of  little known fruit born illness that would cause me to wind up in a medical journal because I have a sweet tooth and a touch of OCD and a desire to eat healthy. That would happen to  me. I would end up as story idea on House . I could be spending quality time with icecream bars.

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