Friday, July 15, 2011


Instead of writing a "real" entry, I'm going to mention that since I came home from work I have : Mowed the lawn - yes is this weather, I mowed the lawn. The  heatwave while it isn't broken per say, it has suffered a small hair line fracture and I decided to take advantage of it and mow the lawn for the first time in a month.

It didn't really need it need it, but with a manual mower its important to get it mowed before it does. You do not want to try to mow a lawn that  actually needs mowing with a manual mower. I also watered everything, vacuumed a good portion of the downstairs, cleaned the bathroom, tidied the kitchen, walked the dog and made two tarts.

I also learned that we follow recipes for a reason and that not all of  our own ideas are good ones. One of the tarts is quite nice while the other has a faint medicinal/metallic after taste.  Guess which one is the equivalent of an interminable  drum solo and which one is Stairway?

Oh, and I finished Harry Potter ( I did not remember a single word of the book. Not one. I know I read it, I read it the day it came out, in one sitting but I didn't remember any of it. This summer on vaca I am reading all the books again.) while I sat outside is the so-lovely-it-hurt early evening with Dogger while we watched the neighbor kid throw a football back and forth with his friend.

Oh, and I will totally have a Emmy Nominations  entry. Never fear.

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