Thursday, July 14, 2011


I finally started my Harry Potter book. I looked online and I only need to read from chapter 24 to the end, so its very doable, it would be actually doable if I had started last week. So far I've gotten about four pages in and I have tickets for Friday at 10pm. I would love to have been able or even have really wanted to go to the midnight show Thursday like the rest of the dedicated fangirls and fanboys but I'm forty-two year old fanwoman and I can't do it.

I am hitting opening day though so I still get credit.

So since I'm supposed to be doing all this reading, not watching a five year old Ace of Cakes - is anything on Cooking Network less than five years old? Anyway. I also should not have gone to Wallyworld and I surely did not create a reason to go to Wallyworld because I really wanted to listen to my new Amy Winehouse CD. You can not jam to  your tunes with your computer speakers. I want to point out that in the interest of sisterhood, that my "new" CD is not really new. Its new to me, I am not interested in giving her any money to get high with. Let someone else have the blood on their hands. Now I'm really want my Adele CD to get here.

Amy Winehouse/Charlie Sheen. Can you imagine the crazy? the lack of supervision? The substance abuse? the sheer number of tattoos? They should do a reality show! Too much money, too much crazy, too much too much. It would do huge numbers.

Anyway. I'm going to go read my book.

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