Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random photoblogging

This evening did not start off well. I came home, molested the green beans, harvested another couple of peppers, and then went to check the front of the house, where I ran into my mailman. Super. I am waiting for some used CDs to arrive. Mr. Mailman asks if I am this other address, I say "No, I'm not. I am my address". He says "You ain't got nothing today" and he kept on walking. I said "Hey, I got mail to go out" he said "I can't see the slot! We don't do it like this up north!" I said "Not even  checking? ( and using that tone of voice with me?)  That could score you a quick call to your postmaster" and he said You call him!"  And so I did.

Have you ever tried to find the phone number of your post office? any post office? Do you know what they are listed under in the phonebook? Government offices? State or Fed? County? Don't bother, if they are listed, its under an assumed name. I went through two different books, getting hotter and more pissed off by the second and I had finally decided to just go online when I thought about my magic phone! The map feature includes many phone numbers! Gotcha! douche bag!

I called the number and spoke with a very nice man about my lazy, smart mouthed, assholeish mail man issue. He did tell me that the douche bag was following the rules when he bypassed my house when he had nothing to drop off - even though I had out going mail!  This is bull shit. They wonder why the entire world embraced fax machines and email and couriers over using them. Because of crap like that. Anyway. I could complain about his mouth and his general shit attitude and I did.  Screw around with me asshole. I work for a complaint line, if I want to complain, I know how. Jackass.

Then it was time to make dinner. If I have to say so myself, I make a hell of a stuffed pepper. Nummy! And it improved my mood to no end. I took Dogger out to pee but we didn't hang out, because my lately, we've been walking later in the evening, after its cooled downish. Speaking of Dogger and the outside, someone at work asked me if I was taking Dogger outside - Well, since I don't have a litter box sized for her and she isn't toilet trained, yes I take my dog outside! The woman looked at me like I was a Dogger abuser. Dogger and I don't spend a lot of time outside hanging out, but its not as bad as these weather wimps are saying it is. They totally confuse actual temperature with heat index. Amateurs.

I have found a way to save on water bills though. When its time to water the garden I just hang around for a few minutes and then spin around like a lawn sprinkler. Speaking of the garden, I was going to have to have a Come to Jesus meeting with the satellite watermelon. It has seen a huge improvement in its health, which is super great but now its strong enough to have to get to work.

I mean, its everywhere, its going to eat the shed. I was leaving the yard to go and make dinner when I saw something out of the corner of my eye

Massive intake of breath! I was going to talk to them about manning up and producing and OMG! They manned up and produced! Twice!.

On concrete!  These aren't like little baby's either! They have clearly been there for a little while. I did some shrub trimming over the weekend and if I had seen them then, I would have been much more careful with my raking. Stuff is so much more successful if I don't know they're there.

This is like the least fruit-friendly place the plant could pick and yet there they are, another thing in their favor there is that garden bugs don't spend a lot of time on concrete. Urban Garden fu!

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Eduth said...

er...why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about your mailman??