Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food Porm part 2

Boom chicka wah wah!

I have a lot of peppers. A Lot. I have frozen, I have refrigerated, I have on the vine. I have a lot of peppers and while its been satisfying  filling my freezer with them, I would also like to take advantage of eating them in the now too.  Enter pepper steak or as it was pepper fajita slices $4! for enough to feed me twice. And I used three peppers, two from the fridge and one from the garden.

Speaking of gifts from the garden, while I was sniffing around for a pepper steak recipe, I studied up on watermelon storage. It turns out that while I'm freezing to death this winter I can freeze to death with a belly full of fresh watermelon.

It was the kind of morning where its  only twenty after nine and you are all ready mentally fixing dinner and planning your escape. I made myself a a mental list of things I needed 1) To find a recipe, 2) pick up some red meat and 2) get rice. I should have made  the kind of list you hold in you hands and you read and use as a study guide not the kind of list you completely forget you had  mentally checked off in the first place - also something that happens, I understand, with paper lists but its the cheat sheet aspect, you had to think about the information to write it down.

I ended up making it with noodles - I know that it was supposed to be served with rice and the recipe I found online was very specific about that - but when I was at the grocery store at lunch and after I picked up the steak and approached the check out I said to myself What else do I need? and I said I need a coke! and away I went.

It was fine with the noodles.


meemsnyc said...

Yum yum. That looks good. I wish I had an overflow of peppers!

Diana said...

I'm going to spend the winter learning new peppercentric recipes!