Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden Sadness

I went out to water this morning and was faced with this

To say I was a little horrified is to be putting it lightly. I had all ready said goodbye to the animals and turned on the alarm. I quickly yanked the fruit from the vine (sob!) and tore inside to refrigerate it. I left for work again and left hopeing that somehow the refrigeration would some how heal the melon.

Oddly, that did not work. I quickly got y work computer up and running and I went to my buddy Google and asked why my melon freaked out this was. And Google knew. It freaked out because my watermelon got too much water! Who knew! I think the deluge we got over the weekend was the culprit.

Later, I opened it to see if I could at least eat it. The first sad melon was small but edible. This one was larger but not.

(objects in frame appear pinker than real life)

I was saddened. The fruit was mostly white rind and was clearly not something I would want to eat. I shook off the disappointment and did what I do with all garden failures - Launched it over the fence. I can't get precious with what I grow. I don't cry over ruined tomatoes or woody beans - true, there are a lot more tomatoes and beans, so the few I have to launch really don't affect my harvest, while there are so few melons that everyone has to count. I still have two adults and an adolescent that seem viable, I can't tell much about the two babies.  They all need positive vibes.

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