Friday, August 5, 2011

I suddenly realized that I'm going on vacation in a week. I was supposed to go on vacation in the middle of August, a very, very long time away and it was supposed to stay that way. There is not reason to put a  lot of thought to  something that is so far away.

About that.

Last February it seemed a long time away. Months and months, really, practically a year away, a very long time in the future, certainly not less than a week away. And now here we are in the early stages of the middle of August and all I have to show for it is a jumble of clothing and a scribbled list on the refrigerator.

Not Good Enough.

ON the upside, I have figured out a way to water my melons with a minimum investment. The fact that along with my dog and cat my pet adult melons are going on vacation with me cuts down on the number of melons that will require care in my absents. The count will be two infants and a teenager left to mind the fort. I am hopeing that they will all still be there when I get back, aged to perfection. Or still there, whatever is easier.The peppers are going to get harvested this weekend as well, ready or not. They have an appointment with a pot of boiling water and then my freezer. I will be thrilled to see them again in November.

The tomatoes seem to be petering out at the right time, I have many still hanging out but their days are numbered. If they are still in the same condition the Friday before I leave I'm going to harvest the lot of them and give them to my friend at work who has taken the rest of them and tell her to let them sit in a bag for a few days to let them ripen up. The green beans are trying my patience.

In the front I've settled on praying for rain and hopeing the flowers are made of strong stuff, Steel Impatiences as it were. They are hardy plants. Hopefully they can live without my help for a while - except for all the water I'm planning on dumping on them over the weekend when I am not getting my stuff, going to Wally World fourteen times, paying the yard mowing guy, getting cash, getting more cash, setting up the back yard irrigation, cleaning my house and generally freaking out because I'm leaving for vacation in a week and I'm not ready yet!

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