Friday, September 23, 2011

Find a penny pick it up...

I was walking Dogger to the ATM so that I could take out some cash so that I could be a good little state employee and  buy lunch at my divisions' State Employee Combined Campaign kick off on Friday. It promises cold hot dogs and warm off brand soda and  access to many, many free pens! I'm psyched.

Its going to run me a $3 donation to get to those free pens and I had no cash. I was going to get out a $20  and then later, go to the dollar store and pick up some dishwasher detergent and possibly some liquid smoke. There is no liquid smoke. Anywhere. Even at the dollar store where stuff like that goes when it is suddenly not seasonal, you can't have liquid smoke <i>and</i> Christmas lights on the shelves at the same time, except, in theory if you are a dollar store and in that case you can have Christmas lights and  coolers and Halloween masks  and Easter eggs <i>at the same time</i> it is retail chaos!, but no liquid smoke.

 The aliens came and took all the bottles away! There is no other explanation for there being <i>no bottles</i> at any store anywhere for any price. The bigger my watermelon gets the more my concern grows and my concern  is swelling like a rain soaked melon as we speak.

Back to walking Dogger. I was walking through the DMV parking lot and I see a $5 bill just laying there! I scooped it up and did not go to the ATM because now my lunch is covered! Yay! I still ended up going to the dollar store but I only spent like $10 - Yes, I bought more than the dishwasher detergent, but still I spent less than $20 so I come out ahead. Find and pick up enough pennies and eventually you will find and pick up a fiver.

To keep myself even, I found a house key in the dollar store parking lot and I turned it into the store, because someone might come looking for it. There was no one to turn the $5 over to but its going to a good cause.

Oh and for those of you keeping track, the basement flooded <i>twice</i> in the last twenty-four hours (a plumberesque person has been alerted and will be here Monday to fix it) and by "it", I do not mean the pump, the pump works just fine, it pumps like a son-of-a-bitch. The "it" that needs attention in the Rube Goldberg-geri- rigged-spit-and-bailing-wire contraption that <i>surrounds and controls</i> the pump. If Santa is reading, I need new rubber boots. Mine have sprung leaks.

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