Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm back and I hit the ground running.

The garden "before"

This is the garden "after"

I cleaned house. I came home and did a quick census of who was still productive and who was taking up space and when the dust cleared, literally, I was like a plant-ripping-out tornado, I was left with  three pepper plants, the green beans and a watermelon plant.

The productive plants were <i>very</i> productive and I was able to "put up" a lot of peppers and green beans.The watermelons were not ready to be harvested, but what am I going to do with all those watermelon anyway?

(clearly for display only, this little guy was DOA)

My franken sprinkler worked after all and my  policy of benign neglect, turned out to not be very negligent at all! You can hardly tell they suffered neglect at all, benign or otherwise. I should have started to neglect them months ago! The pumpkin vines died back but that had started before I left, the plants up the front stairs got leggy but their season is ending anyway, and I think they will be the next plants to get yanked. The impatience's  are still going strong.

I also put away all my stuff from the trip, did a mountain of laundry for the <i>dog</i>, took care of some residual laundry of mine from before the trip,  trimmed back all the shrubbery, got pictures made for the folks at work and cleaned out the car.

For those of you keeping track of the natural disasters that happened while I was gone, there was no real damage. I did lose the chimney topper but it fell into the yard - where it did murder a watermelon! but otherwise, everything was fine. I had been hopeing score a good case of food poisoning or flu to prevent my return to work, sadly I am healthy and its back to work I go.

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