Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The thing I miss the most about vacation is that  <I>miss my dog!</i>

 I got really used to reaching down  anytime and finding a fuzzy nose or floppy year or furry flank. There are no dogs back at work and if you do work in  an environment where you can take your dog to work you either work too hard or too long.

Dogger seems a little sad too. She knows that things are different and she's back to sniffing used condoms and smashed bottles. On the upside, she really, really is glad to have her futon back, as much as she loves being on vacation, she's really fond of her own bed. A traditional dog bed or gasp! having to <i>sleep on the floor</i> is kind of a hardship to a dog accustomed to the finer doggy things.

As much as she loves her futon,  while on vacation she got used to going on  several really interesting walks a day through exciting places

.... and snuffing really interesting sniffs:  skunks! chipmunks! beavers! coyotes! deer! and having this neat terrain to experience - beaches and swamps and wetlands and rock out crops and ponds and deep forests and creeks - but not too terrain-y or uneven because neither of us are too in to <i>extreme</i> dog walks. We live downtown, any ground that isn't crumbling concrete seems like terrain to us.

While I was communing with nature, moss is awesome by the way, they cleaned my desk while I was gone. I'm not sure what I think about that. I was going to clean before I left but I didn't end up finding the time. Also, I didn't think that the ladies who would be sitting at my desk in my absents would have the ovaries to do it. As it turns out, at least one of them clangs when she walks. I'm not sure how I feel about my stuff being molested, but my desk is clean now. I did notice that the interior of my desk is as grubby and kind of gross as when I left it. Good.

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