Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I would have checked in here earlier but I was shopping for <i>just</i> the right ring-tones for my friends and family and vets. I also downloaded a selection of dog whistles that when I auditioned them for Dogger, she didn't seem to notice. It was a free ap, if I had paid for it, she would have actually noticed it. There is the possibility that she like other old people I am most certainly <i>not</i>, simply can't hear the higher pitched noises anymore.

It was a real struggle to find just the right ring tones. I am not totally happy with the selection that I was able to round up and I am not done looking for Brosky. The world does not have adequate free UT themed ring tones, I will tell you that. I do now however now possess a rich and varied selection of Christmas themed ring tones. I know you care.

You can spend <i>hours</i> downloading aps and widgets. I now have an official ap for finding my car in the parking lot. Pre-R2 I was limping along with my memory or the occasional picture of where I parked the car. I mean, really, how <i>quaint</i> right? I also have a number of aps that will save me from dealing with <i>numbers</i> of any kind! Discounts can no longer hide behind percent signs, wait staff will no longer rejoice in my weak math. No more 50% tips for you Watron!

I have a new  appy"in" for Black Friday sales, bar codes, yard sales and those weird squiggles-in-boxes that have sprung up. I am also going to somehow, be able to keep track of my holiday shopping.I tested it, and <i>that</i> was frustrating. I <i>thought</i> I figured out the program and filled it out and put everyone in and then <i>everything</i> disappeared. Blink. Gone. I did learn that even downsizing my list, I'm going to need to down-market shop even more than all ready. I also should have started shopping all ready. My goal is to be donesky by the middle of November to spread out the credit pain. I was shocked at how fast the total went up, even with my hopeful, thinking positive low balling I indulged in.

On the upside, I <i>do</i> have that yard sale ap...
I am hopeing that the increasing number of young, unleashed dogs we are encountering on our walks <i>will</i> notice and be deeply affected by them in negative run-away-now ways. We can be ever hopeful. On the upside, there is a setting that is quite audible and alarming and would scare away unleashed animals of the two legged variety as well. Not that they have been a problem.

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