Monday, September 12, 2011

New Friends

Today I'm being honored for ten years of service to state. I'm getting a indoor/outdoor thermometer and a ham sandwich from Subway. I'm supposed to dress up. I am honoring the day by foregoing my usual polo shirt and replacing it with a  button up the front white blouse that is only <i>slightly</i> yellowed under the arms.

The phone and I. I went from thinking <i>This is the greatest phone of all time!</i> before I had even used it to <i>Fuck this. I should have just gotten a blackberry.  At least they come with a keyboard!</i> when I had. It took a while come to a detente with New Phone. New Phone has a name now, after I spent most of Friday night into Saturday morning calling it <i>You fucking piece of shit</i> I decided I needed something a little less wordy. I settled on R2, not particularly original but its better than Fucking Piece of Shit. If I am going to live with a droid, I am going to live with the <i>best</i> droid.

I have learned some things. I <i>can</i> text with it, I'm just not as fast as I was but I do have to say its a lot more <i>elegant</i> than with my old phone. I just had to slow down and learn how to make everything work. I wanted to know everything now and when it took a lot longer than I thought it <i>should</i>, I got very frustrated. What was <i>not</i> frustrating?

APS! I have access to APS and WIDGETS!  I can almost forgive the lack of a keyboard if I can get aps! I now have an ap for letting me triage by own symptoms - Answer? <i>Cancer!</i> Everything is cancer. Paper cut? cancer, Headache? cancer, Eye floaties? Eye Cancer. Its not very helpful but it makes whatever really is wrong with me seem really minor. I also have one that says it can check my heart rate . It wants me to out my index finger on the camera lens and letting it do its thing. It measures <i>something</i> but I'm not sure how accurate it is. I also have a couple of translators and a series of Spanish flash cards and IMDB and two magazines and a restaurant finder and a <i>whole bunch</i> of others I can't even remember!

I am the most happy with my trivia game. I am finding that my first thought is almost always the right answer. When I second guess myself I get it wrong. I also got Angry Birds because its a law.

Sunday I went to the flea market and picked up a "bumper", a screen cover and two wall chargers. I really wanted to get a blingy cover for the phone but I decided that if I wanted bling I could download a sparkly wallpaper or something and not go with the kind of tacky blingy case choice they had at the market. I settled on a  white cover I could easly find in my purse. Perhaps Santa could find a tasteful blingy cover. R2 and I are going to be fine.

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