Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumping away

Well, I think I met my one true Sump Pump. It was love at first read of the life time warranty. It costs more than I wanted to spend but its cast iron and its just about what I have now. The other choice is a submerged version that the handyman was excited about <i>but</i>, its very plastic and I think I like the idea of the pedestal version... its what I have now and it has very few moving parts.

I can't believe I spent time standing in the big box store really being serious about sump pumps and going over the pros and cons. I learned things about sump pump specs that I did not want to know about. There are things about sump pumps that are not good clean family entertainment.

The nominees are:

At the top of the pedestal class, for @$178 we have more or less the below. Pictured  is not "the" pump because this one is <i>plastic</i>  and costs about $78, the cheaper pumps are all plastic and have at best a two year warranty and I don't want plastic in this application. I want cast-iron and I want a life time warranty.


In the submersible;e division for @$108 we have the above. The handyman likes these better than the others because they start pumping faster <i>but</i> they are so plastic and I imagine a lot of moving parts.

We shall see. The last thing the handyman said to me before he left this afternoon was that it looked like rain... Smart Ass.

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