Friday, September 16, 2011

The return of the hero

When I came home it took me twenty-five minutes to find Small Cat. I don't think he's happy to be back.

He was <i>hiding</i>! Small Cat is <i>not</i> a hider, he greets me at the door when I come home every day and today of <i>all</i> days he's not waiting for me! He doesn't want to see me. It was a little depressing. I rushed home, I didn't even go harvest green beans first, I went right inside and looked down and there was no Small Cat. I went upstairs, I looked under <i>everything</i> and I was about two more failed attempts before I called my parents and made sure they dropped the cat off at the right house and if they did drop him off where there were supposed to, did he follow them out the door? Where was my cat!?

And there he was. Hiding under a dresser. He hasn't gotten under a piece of furniture since he was a kitten and there he was making like a lost shoe. He is by the way, <i>not</i> fat. Not at all.

I think he had pretty much decided that my parents were his new people now and he lived in this new place and he had a little cat friend to hiss at and things were looking pretty good. It was certainly cooler there <i>and</i> there were chipmunks!

And all of a sudden, he's scooped into his box, shoved into the truck and spirited away. It must have been very confusing to the little guy. The car lasted long enough that he might have decided that <i>this</i> was his new home because there were his people and his little friend and they were all together. It was cramped but his family was around him. He gets comfortable with his new digs and then he gets dumped <i>here</i> and he was a little confused about why they were dumping him at this place and then <i>leaving</i> him, like <i>I</i> did. Poor Small Cat and his abandonment issues. I'm just lucky he was just hiding and not banging his little head into the wall and rocking.

He's still keeping his distance.

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