Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome home. Small Cat!

I didn't actually manage to get an entry written this evening but I did get my house tidied up ahead of my parents arriving with Small Cat. I haven't mentioned Small Cat lately because I've been jealous as hell of him having more time in Marquette and on vacation than I did so I've been giving him the silent treatment.

Anyway, you can spend the time you would have spent reading today's entry by thinking up creative recipes using watermelon. I picked one of the today in a fit. I should not have, I'm not entirely sure it was ready to leave the nest but what's done is done. I left the larger melon and two small ones on the vine.

objects in frame are larger than they appear. In real life it isn't a massive melon.

Why I garden.

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Tiffany (Snarky Momma) said...

My neighbors brought over a huge watermelon and I finally got around to cutting it up over the weekend. There are three zipper bags filled with it.

I have *no* idea what to do with it. I can't just plop it on plates for the kids because its full of seeds.